Spirent / Zarak Abacus Abacus1 MRG Subsystem


Spirent / Zarak Abacus Abacus1 MRG Subsystem Ver. 6


The MRG subsystem provides the resources of ten modems for the Circuit Generator (CG) subsystems in an Abacus system. It generates or terminates fax or data modem traffic over a variety of available interfaces.  A single MRG can provide variations of modem traffic, including different modulations, error correction, and content. You can also mix modem traffic with speech or tones over the same interfaces.


  • Version 6

  • Fax

  • Data


  • Verifies the network or equipment with fax and data modem traffic

  • Sends and receives fax and data modem traffic

  • Performs path confirmation using fax and data modem

  • Supports TCP/IP applications over PPP

  • Acts as a resource to support multiple channels in an Abacus system

  • Generates 3600 BHCA

  • Multiple MRGs can be used in an Abacus system to expand capacity 32-bit processor, DSPs, and flash memory to ensure full computing
    and upgrading capabilities

  • Works with any interface type on Abacus, including analog, CAS, ISDN, GR-303, V5, and SS7

  • Results are automatically and continuously gathered and presented in tables and graphs

NOTE: No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support.

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