Spirent Abacus 100 Analog Subscriber Generator SWF-0106, SWF-0111, SWF-0113


Spirent Abacus 100 Analog Subscriber Generator SWF-0106, SWF-0111, SWF-0113

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Spirent Abacus 100 Analog Subscriber Generator with the following:

  • Options installed
    • Multi-System
    • Call Generation
    • Impedance 600 ohm
    • Impedance Complex
    • PSQM/PSQM+
    • P/N SWF-0106: PESQ

The Spirent Abacus 100 Analog Subscriber Generator delivers high density analog subscriber generation functionality for large scale FTTP/PON testing on a single integrated platform. Abacus 100 is an analog call generator that simulates 100 analog telephony subscribers placing and terminating calls. Abacus 100 provides one hundred analog circuits (FXO ports) to emulate the subscriber side of an analog two-wire circuit.

As a cost-efficient standalone platform, Abacus 100 provides real-time voice quality measurements (MOS,PSQM, PSQM+,PESQ, PESQ (MOS-LQO), J-MOS,R-FACTOR (P.834)). Per port LEDs give necessary visual indication to save time, especially in large FTTP/PON port testing.

The Abacus 100 gives the user full flexibility for convergence testing with synchronized Abacus 5000 and Abacus 50 VoIP, TDM, analog measurements and same user interface. Full scalability allows the management of multiple systems from a single user interface. Multiple Abacus 100, Abacus 50 and Abacus 5000 test systems can be used as one system for simplified management and convergence testing.

  • Enable network equipment manufacturers and service providers to reduce time to market for FTTP/PON services, while assuring quality requirements as perceived by users
  • Simplify testing of converged IP Telephony and PSTN/analog networks and services with functional and performance testing for analog, T.30 fax, V.34 analog data modem
  • Save time, especially in high density FTTP/PON testing with per-port LEDs that indicate port activity.


NOTE:  No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support

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