INET Spectra 2 NT Rackmount SS7 Analyzer 8-Link


INET Spectra 2 NT Rackmount SS7 Analyzer 8-Link

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INET Spectra 2 NT Rackmount SS7 Analyzer 8-Link with the following:

  • Licenses installed
    • Product SS7 – Enabled
    • Product ISDN – Enabled
    • SS7 CVRT Testers – Enabled
    • SS7 ISUP Generator – Enabled
    • SS7 TCAP Generator – Enabled
    • ISDN Emulator – Enabled
    • ISDN Generator – Enabled
  • License expiry Date : 10/30/2007

INET Spectra 2 NT Rackmount SS7 Analyzer 4-Link provides media test solutions across multiple technologies in an easy-to-use single, scalable platform. Spectra2 uses an Ethernet/NIC interface for the software-only version. Spectra2 supports the following interfaces for the portable unit, rackmount, and extreme rackmount systems:

  • Ethernet 10/100
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • OC3
  • DS3
  • T1/E1

Spectra2 makes your testing requirements fast and easy with a wide variety of features:

  • Load/Stress Testing – Create real-world traffic models for the purpose of stress testing and validating network performance
  • Conformance Testing – Perform standards-based conformance testing to ensure protocol compliance to specifications
  • Functional Testing – Execute positive and negative functional test cases to validate feature performance
  • Media/QoS Evaluation – Measure Quality of Service and validate media path integrity
  • Network Monitoring – Monitor networks, generate statistical data, and analyze network performanc

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