Spirent GSS6100 GPS Signal Simulator Single Channel

Spirent GSS6100 GPS Signal Simulator Single Channel

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Alternatively, the supplied SimCHAN software enables users to operate the GSS6100 as precision laboratory GPS/SBAS test equipment.

The GSS6100 has many features that optimize its use on the production line. These include different operation modes, in-rack calibration, remote control and the ability to be integrated with other production line test equipment (e.g., wireless network emulators).


For many applications, a single channel GPS signal simulator is the preferred way to ensure that each device produced meets defined parameters. While multi-channel GPS testing is essential during R&D, integration and verification testing, in a manufacturing environment many applications prefer a single channel to stimulate the receiver in a test mode. Controlled GPS testing in this way assures correct assembly and verifies expected performance parameters.

  • 1 channel of GPS L1 C/A code
  • GPIB (IEEE-488), USB or RS-232 control interfaces
  • Alternative “instant start” continuous mode at power-on
  • Supplied with SimCHAN PC software
  • User control over test parameters including power level, Doppler, PRN, GPS time and data message
  • Rack mount 2U chassis
  • Comprehensive control ICD for easy integration into manufacturing test rigs
  • In-rack annual calibration
  • L1 SBAS message support

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