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The SmartBits 6000B is a high port density network performance analysis test system. Each chassis can hold up to 12 SmartModules in various combinations to support up to 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 96 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, 24 POS (Packet over SONET) ports, 24 SmartMetrics Gigabit ports, or a mixture of these port types. Spirent’s SmartBits SMB-600 chassis is a portable and compact version of the SMB-6000, providing all the same features and holding up to two modules. It can support up to 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 16 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, 4 POS (Packet over SONET) ports, 4 SmartMetrics Gigabit ports, or a mixture of these port types.
SMB-600 Spirent SmartBits SMB-600 2-slot Portable Chassis $2,750.00
SMB-600B Spirent SmartBits SMB-600B 2-slot Portable Chassis $3,500.00
SMB-6000 Spirent Smartbits SMB-6000 desktop 6-Slot Chassis $1,500.00
SMB-6000B Spirent SmartBits SMB-6000B 12-slot Desktop Chassis $4,500.00
SMB-6000C Spirent SmartBits SMB-6000C 12-slot Desktop Chassis $4,500.00
FBC-3602A Spirent SmartBits FBC-3602A 1G/2G 2-pt Fibre Channel SmartMetrics Module $2,500.00
LAN-3100A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3100A 8-pt 10/100 Ethernet Module $2,000.00
LAN-3101A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3101A 6-pt 10/100 Ethernet SmartMetrics Module $2,000.00
LAN-3101B Spirent SmartBits LAN-3101B 6-pt 10/100 Ethernet SmartMetrics Module $2,500.00
LAN-3111A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3111A 6-pt 100FX Multimode SmartMetrics Module $3,000.00
LAN-3111As Spirent SmartBits LAN-3111As 6-pt 100FX Single-mode SmartMetrics Module $4,000.00
LAN-3150A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3150A 8-pt 10/100 Mbps Full/Half Ethernet RMII/SMII Module $4,000.00
LAN-3200A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3200A 2-pt 1000SX Module $1,500.00
LAN-3201B Spirent SmartBits LAN-3201B 1-pt GigE SmartMetrics Module $2,000.00
LAN-3301A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3301A 2-pt Copper GigE TeraMetrics Module $3,000.00
LAN-3302A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3302A 2-pt 10/100 TeraMetrics Module $1,500.00
LAN-3306A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3306A 4-pt 10/100 TeraMetrics XD Module $2,000.00
LAN-3310A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3310A 2-pt GigE SmartMetrics Module $2,000.00
LAN-3311A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3311A 2-pt GigE TeraMetrics Module $3,000.00
LAN-3320A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3320A 2-pt Dual Media SmartMetrics XD Module $3,500.00
LAN-3321A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3321A 2-pt Dual Media TeraMetrics XD Module $5,000.00
LAN-3324A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3324A 4-pt Dual Media SmartMetrics XD Module $7,000.00
LAN-3325A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3325A 4-pt Dual Media TeraMetrics XD Module $7,500.00
LAN-3327A Spirent SmartBits LAN-3327A Gigabit 1-port Dual Media TeraMetrics XD Module $2,500.00
POS-3500B Spirent SmartBits POS-3500B ATM OC-12 Multimode Module $1,000.00
POS-3500Bs Spirent SmartBits POS-3500Bs ATM OC-12/STM-4 Single-mode Module $1,000.00
POS-3502As Spirent SmartBits POS-3502As OC-3 Single-Mode Module $1,000.00
POS-3504As Spirent SmartBits POS-3504As ATM OC-48 Module $2,500.00
POS-3505As Spirent SmartBits POS-3505As OC-48c TeraMetrics Module $2,500.00
POS-3511As Spirent SmartBits POS-3511As TeraMetrics 2-port OC-3 / OC-12 POS Module $2,500.00
POS-6500B Spirent SmartBits POS-6500B OC-3/12 SmartMetrics Interface $500.00
POS-6502A Spirent Smartbits POS-6502A ATM OC3 6000 $1,000.00
XLW-3720A Spirent Smartbits XLW-3720A 10Gb Ethernet modules $9,000.00
XLW-3721A Spirent Smartbits XLW-3721A TeraMetrics 10Gb Ethernet Module $10,000.00
XFP-3731A Spirent Smartbits XFP-3731A TeraMetrics 10 Gigabit Ethernet XFP MSA Module $9,500.00