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ILX Lightwave provides high performance test and measurement solutions related to laser diodes and other photonic components. Its products include laser diode current sources, temperature controllers, mounting fixtures, optical power and wavelength meters, precision fiber optic sources, laser diode LIV testers, and laser diode burn-in and reliability test systems.   More about The Company

79800D ILX Lightwave 79800D precision fiber optic source module $500.00
LDC-3916 ILX LDC-3916 Laser Diode Controller  
TCM-39032 ILX TCM-39032 32W TE Controller $450.00
CSM-39050 ILX Lightwave CSM-39050 Current Source Module $450.00
CSM-39100 ILX CSM-39100 1000mA Current Source $450.00
LCM-39420 ILX LCM-39420 Current/TEC Combination Module $450.00
LCM-39427 ILX Lightwave LCM-39427 Combination Module $450.00
LCM-39437 ILX LCM-39437 Current/TEC Module $700.00
79800C ILX Lightwave 79800C precision fiber optic source module $500.00
79800B ILX Lightwave FOS79800B/315B Precision Fiber Optic Source $500.00
FOM-7900B ILX FOM-7900B Laser Source Mainframe $1,800.00
LDC-3916-3916338 ILX LDC-3916 Laser Diode Controller Loaded w/16 x LDC-3916338 3A Current Source $8,000.00