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Smartech Consulting, Inc. has the latest test equipment from Agilent including spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and signal sources. Get Agilent solutions from Smartech Consulting at competitive prices and with easy rental terms from 1 week to 48 months. Smartech Consulting, Inc. is also a great resource to find quality used Agilent test equipment at great prices. If you cannot find the Agilent  test equipment that you need, please call us at (949)838-0102 or email us at sales@smartechconsulting.com. If you have Agilent  equipment for sell or trade-in, please contact us.

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11890A Agilent 11890A Singlemode Lightwave Directional Coupler $400.00
11891A Agilent 11891A Multimode Lightwave Directional Coupler $400.00
16517A HP 16517A 16 Ch, 4GHz Timing 1GHz Synchronous High-Speed State & Timing Module $499.00
16702A HP 16702A-003 Logic Analyzer Mainframe w/ 2 x 16716A Analyzer modules $1,000.00
16716A HP 16716A Timing and State Module $375.00
16960A Agilent 16960A 64 M Depth 1.6Gb/s State Timing Logic Analyzer Module $1,000.00
1733A Agilent 1733A 4 Ports 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel Test Module $2,500.00
1735A Agilent 1735A LAN Protocal Fibre Channel Test Module 4Gb/s $3,000.00
34903A Agilent 34903A 20 Channel Actuator/GP Switch Module for 34970A $150.00
34970A HP / Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition / Switch Unit  $525.00
37718A Agilent 37718A Opt.2,12,106,200,601,602,ABJ,UK6 w/ Jitter $8,000.00
53131A Agilent 53131A - 010 225MHz Universal Counter $950.00
53132A Agilent 53132A Universal Frequency Counter, 12 digit/sec $1,100.00
54645D Agilent 54645D 100 MHz, 200 MSa/s Mixed Oscilloscope w/ 54650A HP-IB Interface  $425.00
70001A Agilent 70001A Mainframe $300.00
70004A Agilent 70004A Color System Display $500.00
70310A HP 70310A Precision Freq Module $250.00
70311A Agilent 70311A Clock Source 16Mhz-3.3Ghz $500.00
70340A Agilent HP 70340A Signal Generator $4,000.00
70810B Agilent HP 70810B Lightwave Receiver Module $1,500.00
70820A Agilent 70820A Microwave Transition Analyzer $2,000.00
70842B Agilent 70842B Error Detector $1,500.00
70902A Agilent HP 70902A Intermediate Frequency (IF) Section 10Hz-300kHz $600.00
70903A Agilent 70903A Intermediate Frequency (IF) Section 100kHz-3MHz $500.00
81533B HP/Agilent 81533B Optical Head Interface $439.00
8153A HP 8153A Lightwave Multimeter $350.00
81610A Agilent 81610A Return Loss Module $2,000.00
81613A HP/Agilent 81613A Return Loss Module 1310/1550nm $3,000.00
81651A Agilent 81651A 1550nm FP Laser Module $600.00
83430A Agilent 83430A Lightwave Digital Source $1,000.00
83434A Agilent 83434A 10Gb/s Lightwave Receiver $2,750.00
83447A Agilent HP 83447A Lightwave Trigger Receiver $950.00
83480A Agilent 83480A Digital Communication Analyzer $450.00
83483A Agilent 83483A Electrical plug-in for 83480A $2,500.00
83492A Agilent 83492A Multimode Clock Recovery Module $1,500.00
83493A Agilent 83493A Single-Mode Clock Recovery Plug-In $450.00
83496A Agilent 83496A 101-300-UK6 Multi-Rate Electrical Clock Recovery Module $7,500.00
8350B HP 8350B Sweep Oscillator Mainframe w/83595A-H20 $4,500.00
8510C Agilent 8510C Vector Network Analyzer $4,000.00
8515A Agilent HP 8515A S-Parameter Test Set 45MHz - 26.5GHz $2,000.00
8593E HP / Agilent  8593E - 004 - 041 - 105 - 130 - 151 - 163 9kHz - 22GHz Spectrum Analyzer $4,250.00
8594E HP 8594E 9 kHz - 2.9 GHz, Options 041, 101, 105 Spectrum Analyzer $2,250.00
86103A-201 Agilent 86103A Module Opt 201 for 86100A $5,750.00
8702B Agilent HP 8702B 3GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer $3,500.00
89431A Agilent 89431A 2 MHz to 2.65 GHz Downconverter $3,000.00
E4805B Agilent E4805B 675 MHz Central Clock Module. $600.00
E4861A Agilent E4861A ParBERT 2.7Gb/s Data Module $1,000.00
E4861B Agilent E4861B 3.35Gb/s module for ParBERT 81250 $2,000.00
E4862A Agilent E4862A 2.7 Gb/s Generator Front End $1,500.00
E4862B Agilent E4862B 3.35GB/S Generator Front End for E4861A $3,500.00
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