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EXFO is a recognized test and measurement expert in the global telecommunications industry through the design and manufacture of advanced and innovative solutions as well as best-in-class customer support.   More about The Company

EPX-16 EXFO/Gnubi EPX16 Remote Telecom Test w/ 17 modules $2,000.00
FTB-1400 Exfo FTB-1400 Multitest Module for the FTB-300 $750.00
FTB-300-5503 Exfo FTB-300 w/ FTB-5503 Polarization Mode Dispersion $5,000.00
FTB-400 EXFO FTB-400 Universal Test System $2,000.00
FTB-5503 Exfo FTB-5503 1550nm PMD Analyzer Module $6,500.00
FTB-7434B Exfo FTB-7434B OTDR Module $4,000.00
IQ-206-1 Exfo IQ-206 Optical Test System Expansion Main Frame w/modules  
IQ-206 Exfo IQ-206 Optical Test System Expansion w/3Modules  
N2001 Exfo Novacure 2100 Spot Curing System $400.00
FTB-9100 Exfo FTB-9100 1X12 OPTICAL Switch Module for FTB-300 & FTB-400 Mainframe $1,250.00