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Agilent HP 70340A Signal Generator

The 70340A is the first signal generator that delivers the performance, flexibility and value only ATE can provide. Designed to meet the need for a downsized, high performance signal source, the 70340A blends state of the art technologies in a new microwave signal generator design to achieve unprecedented performance and value. The 70340A’s combination of high output power, excellent spectral purity, powerful modulation, small size and light weight is unmatched by any other signal generator.

Agilent/HP 70340A Synthesized Signal Generator consisting of:

  •  4-slot MMS module
  •  1 -- 20 GHz frequency range, extends to 10 MHz with Agilent 70341A
  •  +13 dBm power out
  •  Optional step attenuator
  •  <-55 dBc harmonics, <-60 dBc spurious
  •  User level correction at remote test ports
  •  Pulse, FM, log AM modulation, and optional pulse generator
  • Inspected and calibrated by Agilent prior to shipment
  • Product is used.

  • Smartech Consulting offers 7-day right of return and 90-day warranty.

List Price: $
Your Price: $2,500.00