Agilent 70004A Color System Display


Agilent 70004A Display

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The Agilent 70004A display has a removable custom hard key panel, a key to aid in selecting the MMS instrument to be controlled, and several advanced firmware features. Up to four modular
instruments can be shown on the display simultaneously.  The display keyboard (softkeys and hardkey panel) controls one instrument at a time.  The INSTR key lets you pass control from one
instrument to another with a single keystroke.  The 70004A sends displayed graphics to a HP-IB printer or plotter.  It also supports the HP PaintJet printer so you can have full color printed
documentation of your test results.  The HP-HIL connector on the front panel allows you to attach an Agilent 46021A or 98203C HP-HIL keyboard.  This can be used to control the system front
panel or to enter user titles or spectrum analyzer commands and small downloadable programs (DLPs).

  • Inter-changable custom hard key panel
  • Multiple instrument control of up to four instruments
  • INSTR key allows operator to select instrument to control with a single keystroke


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